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9 Things Couponers Can Do to Make Cashiers Happy

1. Have your coupons ready before you get to the register. I’m one of those people you see parked at the end of an aisle, making sure every product matches with its coupon. I take screenshots of coupon bar codes if I’m using savings from a Web site so I won’t waste anyone’s time having to pull it up on my phone’s (sometimes slow) Internet browser.

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2. Smile and be friendly–it goes a long way.

An initial “How are you?” and eye contact does wonders. With the complexities of some coupon transactions, it’s easy to forget the importance of greeting your cashier and establishing conversation. Cashiers can be one of your biggest allies if treated the right way.

3. Explain why you have more than one transaction.

By letting the cashier know you have more than one transaction and why, she’ll likely be more patient and attentive from the start instead of rushing to help the next customer.

4. Be mindful of the people standing in line behind you.

Whenever I see that the person behind me has only a few items, I invite them to go in front of me. It’s good karma, and it shows the cashier that you’re considerate of other people’s time. In the past, I’ve even given those waiting in line behind me coupons for products I see in their cart. Pass on the savings when you can, people!

5. Alert the cashier if a deal triggers a store gift card or reward.

Getting a store reward is probably one of the reasons you’re purchasing a certain product in the first place. New cashiers may not be aware of how these transactions work, so it’s vital that you remind them as the transaction is taking place.

6. Have the store policy available in case there are any issues. store-policy

Either print out your store’s policy, or bookmark it on your mobile’s web browser so that you can easily pull it up in case you or the cashier needs a reference.

7. Be patient if your cashier is still learning how to process coupons. cashier-smiles. Cashiers tend to get flustered when they aren’t as familiar with the coupon policy as you are. (This is another reason why you should keep the policy handy just in case a deal is questioned.) When this happens, stay calm and politely remind your cashier about the store’s guidelines. If you stay calm, he or she will most likely slow down and process what you’re trying to explain to them.

8. Shop after dinner on weeknights. Weekend afternoons are the worst. This is when lines are long and cashiers are often stressed out. Instead, shop after dinner on weeknights after the after-work rush hour ends and while everyone else is getting ready for bed.

9. Reward a great cashier by providing positive feedback on a store questionnaire or customer comment card.

One of the greatest compliments a cashier can receive is through corporate recognition. Have you ever noticed or been asked to respond to a survey at the bottom of your receipt? Do it! It takes less than five minutes and is a great way to thank an exceptional cashier.

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