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Amazon Prime vs. Walmart price comparison: Which is cheaper?

After Amazon announced that it’s increasing the annual cost of Prime to $119, many people are taking a close look at whether a membership is really worth it.

If free two-day shipping is important to you, it’s also available from other retailers like Walmart and Target.

Amazon Prime vs Walmart or Target

Both of those Amazon competitors offer free two-day shipping on select items when you spend at least $35 on your order — no membership fee required.

In most cases, Prime doesn’t require you to spend a specific dollar amount to get fast shipping.

I wanted to find out how the prices for Amazon Prime members compare to, so I made a list of items that I’ve bought online in the past and started shopping.

To make this price comparison as fair as possible, I set a few ground rules:

  • Non-perishable food items and household goods from Prime Pantry were excluded because there are additional shipping charges involved

  • Amazon prices are for one-time orders only, not Subscribe & Save

  • Add-on items, which ship free for Prime members on qualifying orders over $25, were included and are highlighted with an asterisk below

  • prices are for items with free two-day shipping only and exclude pickup discounts

One thing I noticed right away is that Amazon and Walmart are paying close attention to each other’s prices! Check out the comparison to see what I mean…

Amazon Prime vs. Walmart: 2018 price comparison

Comparison Amazon vs Walmart
Comparison chart Amazon vs. Walmart

And the winner is…

With a small sample size of 20 products, Amazon Prime’s prices were cheaper than by just over $2. When I excluded the Amazon add-on items, the difference was just 19 cents.

And notice that half of the items — from laundry detergent to a dehumidifier — had the exact same price!

If you’re a Prime member who doesn’t take advantage of all the entertainment perks, it may be worth doing your own price comparison to determine the true value of free two-day shipping.

Still on the fence? Read Clark’s list of 12 things to consider before you renew Amazon Prime!

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