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The Best Ways To Save Money On Christmas Decorations

Millions of people are dreading the time it takes to decorate their houses for the holidays. But if you don’t do it now, you’ll never do it, and you know how much the kids love it. You know the feeling of when you take a step back like Clark Griswald and look at your decorating masterpiece. So that’s why we do it. We decorate our houses for a lot of reasons, and we spend a lot of money to do it. As a Money Crasher, you shouldn’t be taking our a second mortgage to fund your Christmas decoration addiction, so we will share with you the best ways to save money on Christmas decorations.

Save Money on Christmas presents


This one is kind of dumb, because many of you want to put up decorations THIS year, but if you’re willing to wait until after Christmas, you’ll find the best deals on lights and decorations.

Make Your Own

Do a Google search, and you’ll find hundreds of great tutorials on how to make great Christmas decorations. This is also a fun thing to do with your kids!

Price Match

This week all of the major retailers are having sales on Christmas decorations and lights. Carefully scour the ads and compare prices. Wal-Mart pledges to beat any local competitor’s price, so not only will they match the price, but they’ll discount it to beat the competitor’s price!

Shop Online

We often don’t think about buying holiday items online, but there are tons of deals online for lights and decorations. And the big push this year seems to be free shipping if you buy over a certain amount.

Set A Budget

We often don’t think about budgeting out an amount we want to spend on holiday decorations and before you know it, you’ve spent $300 on decorations. Look at your budget and what you’re willing to spend without it hurting the rest of your budget, set that money aside in cash, and only spend the cash you have with you.

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