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Tips on using Coupons

Shopping Tips

You've created your grocery shopping list. You've got your coupons. You're ready to shop! Here are some of our favorite extreme couponing 101 tips to help you organize your shopping trip.

Saving money with coupons

1.Study your deals. Make sure you know what's on sale. Look at the product, varieties and sizes on sale. Check to see if the store has a quantity limit on the items you want to buy.

2.Avoid distractions. Saving money requires concentration, especially at first. (If your spouse can watch the kids, great. If your spouse likes to add impulse items to the cart, leave them at home, too!)

3.Organize your grocery list by store to pull all items for a single store together. If you know your store layout, you can even drag and drop list items to organize by aisle (i.e., produce first, then bread, frozen foods, dairy, etc…). SavingsAngel allows you to organize your list however you prefer.

4.Organize your coupons to match your list. You may want to keep them in an envelope, in a wallet, organizer, or clipped to your shopping list to check them while you shop.

5.Stick to the list. Sometimes you'll find unadvertised deals in the store. But many times, stores put displays in key locations to fool you into paying more. If you study your deals ahead of time, you'll learn to tell if you've stumbled upon a hidden treasure or not.

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